Sunday, April 17, 2011

making blankets for the grandkids

I adore my grandkids...and my great grandkids.  Now, I really DO NOT like to make big things and tell me why all these adorable grandkids of mine want me to make them B-L-A-N-K-E-T-S  ???  Aren't they big?  Oh my stars!!

I've been crocheting baby blankets for years....maybe the first was for my first grandchild, I can't remember.  The one I made her was very ornate and actually didn't look especially like a baby blanket at all.  Oh, well.  Then as I went along, I got a little saner...if there is such a word or such a state for me.  So I've made plaid ones, flowered ones, plain ones, fancy name it... I've probably made one.  I've got to the point where every time there is a baby anywhere in my realm I make a baby blanket.  My realm includes not only my own family but the friends of my family too.

I don't think I'm getting across the idea that I love all this.  Here's a really adorable and sweet thing that is happening to me....some of the little ones who don't really know me because they live far away, are calling their blankets their memaws....and they love their memaws.  Little Jacob in Minnesota talks to his blanket.  He told his mother the other day his memaw needed to be washed because it had tears on it.  Now how darned sweet is that?  And another little guy in Ohio won't go to bed without his memaw.  How did this ever get started and how much do I absolutely adore the whole thing!!  Wow!!

Anyway, back to the big blankets.  I finished one for Zachary with his name crocheted into it.  Now I've almost finished one very similar for Johnny.  I get so sick of the color. Zachy's was orange, ugh!!  Now Johnny's is green, even worse!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Something exciting!!

I have just discovered something that is so much fun it is ridiculous.  I was looking around for variegated [now called multicolor] yarn to make the sleeper suits for my little baby dolls.  I wanted to find all three colors in the same yarn because I'm determined to have them look as much alike as possible.  The colors are pink, lavender and green.  Well, what to my wonderment, there it was and large skeins, too, so I wouldn't have to worry about how much to buy.  And guess what!! it was SOCK yarn.  By just twiddling around a little bit I have managed to create an actual design with these little bits and fragments of color that mysteriously appear as I'm going alone.  I love it.

So you certainly CAN teach an old dog new tricks!!

I shared this with all my crocheting blogs in Yahoo because I am continually amused at some of the things these young and inexperienced crocheters get all het up about!!  They are so intent and serious, bless their hearts.  So sweet.   I guess I remember being upset about those things too....but not really....too long ago.  Anyway, I thought it would tickle all of them to see that I can learn something well as laugh at the idea that I had no idea there was such a thing as SOCK YARN.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Now tell me why all my adored and wonderful grandkids want blankets!!  They are getting so big that the blankets seem to take F-O-R-E-V-E-R !!  I've made a gazillion baby blankets.  Every time a baby comes along anywhere in my realm, I make a baby blanket.  My realm includes not only my family but all the friends of my family, too, so I've made a gazillion, as I said before.  I've even sent some to South America because one of my DILs is from Chile.

The first one that I can actually remember was for my first grandchild.  It was lacy and ornate and actually didn't look much like a baby blanket at all but it was pink.  As I went along, I got saner....if there is such a word or such a state for me.  So I've made plaid, flowered, plain, fancy, many colored, all one imagine it and I've probably made one like it.  I've even just finished two that are granny squares and I hate granny squares....they are so common!!  Yes, I'm a question.

I finally finished an orange blanket with Zachary's name crocheted into I did hate orange by the time I was finished.  Now I've almost finished a green one with Johnny crocheted in.  I'm not any fonder of green, either.  But my boys are happy so that's all that matters.  Now Hannah's was a little different because I used nubby yarn for the blanket so I had to put her name on the satin lining.  It turned out pretty cute and she loved it so there again....all's well that ends well.

Little Jacob in Minnesota doesn't know me at all so he calls his blanket his memaw.  He has always slept with it and now he talks to it.  He told his mother the other day that it needed washing because it had tears on it.  How precious can this be!!  And in Ohio my little Daniel #2 won't sleep without his memaw.  I just made one for his little new sister who is coming in April and her mama is quite certain she will be as attached to hers as Daniel is.  I just wanted to share the precious-ness of all this with you.

Summer 2012: Jacob was here and showed me his is what one has to call a RAG....big holes, torn places, stains....oh how much love has been lavished on that blanket.  Anyway, now he'd really like a new one, of course.  And what color does he want? BROWN...I hate brown almost as much as I hate orange.  Anyway, I've just finished his new blanket....three shades of brown in a diagonal pattern and the "sweaty" side is cream....that's what he calls the satin side.  He's five now and very smart and informed.  Unfortunately, when the blanket arrived at his house, now in Boston, he said it didn't smell like a memaw.  Hm-m-m!!  We'll have to ponder on that for awhile, I think.  His wonderful mother told him hee had to sleep with it a few nights before it began to smell right.  Bless her heart!!
For Christmas he sent me a little snowman head with carrot nose and everything but it was made like a ball of yarn!!  How clever is he anyway....

I am truly blessed with so many beautiful babies in my life.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Gingerbread Christmas decorations

This is my 2011 Christmas project for my 40 surrogate children.  I don't have them finished but will add as I get steps figured out.

In the beginning I make a circle for the heads.  This sorta gives you the size you want for the whole little guy.  Then I make the body separately in one piece.  I started at the top of the body with a chain the length equal to the width of the shoulders.  Crochet for 3 or 4 rows to make the arms, then decrease to the size of the waist and on down.  For girls increase a little to make a flair for the skirt and for the boys just keep going, separating for the legs.  Then decrease to make the feet. 

This makes no sense to me even so I'm going to try to add pictures.

Last of all, I made 80 of these things so I'd have two to sew together.  Actually I put a paper backed sponge lining to give them a little depth.  Then I just whip stitched the three pieces together.  By making the sponge lining all one piece, it makes the separate head and body a little more substantial.

Oh, my goodness, please ask questions....I need some guidance in explaining this.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

baby doll

I am so excited.  From one of the yahoo crochet groups, Maggie and MacTaggart told me where to find a pattern for a baby doll face.  So I bought this adorable pattern from Kathleen Early.   []  She makes the patterns and the dolls are exquisite.  I was warned that her instructions were a little unconventional.  Well, imagine this!!  I can actually read them and follow them!!  I can't believe it.  I sat up literally all night long last night making the body.  It is so cute.  I can't wait to get the baby done and put together.  The one I'm doing just for practice is out of #10 thread and is going to be about 6 or 7 inches long.  I am planning to make three of these babies [slightly larger] for my three great granddaughters for Christmas this year.....with  a full layette for each, of course.  And then I'll have to make a little boy doll for the great grandson, of course.  Oh, I'm going to have so much fun doing this I can't wait to get started.  Does anybody know where I can buy flesh colored #3 crochet thread?  The pattern calls for yarn and is then about 18 inches long but that is too big for my little girls who will be only 1, 2 and 3 by next Christmas..

February 4, 2011
Well, I finally found some yarn that will do. It is, however, so small that I'm using two threads together. By using a D hook I think I've found the size I wanted. First I couldn't wait to get the heads started. Ugh. Don't really like them at all. I'm sure it is my inability to follow a pattern, not the pattern itself as her pictures are so cute....mine not so cute. So I put them away for awhile.

Incidentally I'm making two of the dolls at the same time since they go to sisters. The little boy I'm going to try to make a little older and possibly a sailor boy since his grandfather was in the USN. And the fourth doll goes to a cousin so doesn't have to be exact.

So the other evening I made two right legs. They turned out just about right after adjusting the little feet and toes just slightly. I think that is why I can't follow a pattern....I think too much while I'm going along. Certainly don't know a cure for that. I'll try to get some photos in here ASAP. And yes, I am having waaay toooo much fun with this!


So I'm getting brave.  So many people asked me for the pattern for the cheerleader outfit that I'm trying to write out the instructions.  After laboring over the ordeal for hours, I realize I'm just as bad at writing instructions as I am at reading them.  But I tried.  If you look at any of them and especially if you try to do any of them, please, please, please let me know how I can make it more clear.  I know they are weird.....sorry.

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