Friday, February 4, 2011

Gingerbread Christmas decorations

This is my 2011 Christmas project for my 40 surrogate children.  I don't have them finished but will add as I get steps figured out.

In the beginning I make a circle for the heads.  This sorta gives you the size you want for the whole little guy.  Then I make the body separately in one piece.  I started at the top of the body with a chain the length equal to the width of the shoulders.  Crochet for 3 or 4 rows to make the arms, then decrease to the size of the waist and on down.  For girls increase a little to make a flair for the skirt and for the boys just keep going, separating for the legs.  Then decrease to make the feet. 

This makes no sense to me even so I'm going to try to add pictures.

Last of all, I made 80 of these things so I'd have two to sew together.  Actually I put a paper backed sponge lining to give them a little depth.  Then I just whip stitched the three pieces together.  By making the sponge lining all one piece, it makes the separate head and body a little more substantial.

Oh, my goodness, please ask questions....I need some guidance in explaining this.


  1. These are so cute! And you are prolific ( Amazing) Will try to make some but surely won't manage anywhere near that number. You seem to design and create like I do based on shape, etc.

    Love your blog.

    Keep up the good work - crochet and writing about it!
    Denise, my blog is
    It has a little crochet and some of my quilting efforts too.

  2. Love your gingerbread crochet! Good job :D


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