Sunday, April 17, 2011

making blankets for the grandkids

I adore my grandkids...and my great grandkids.  Now, I really DO NOT like to make big things and tell me why all these adorable grandkids of mine want me to make them B-L-A-N-K-E-T-S  ???  Aren't they big?  Oh my stars!!

I've been crocheting baby blankets for years....maybe the first was for my first grandchild, I can't remember.  The one I made her was very ornate and actually didn't look especially like a baby blanket at all.  Oh, well.  Then as I went along, I got a little saner...if there is such a word or such a state for me.  So I've made plaid ones, flowered ones, plain ones, fancy name it... I've probably made one.  I've got to the point where every time there is a baby anywhere in my realm I make a baby blanket.  My realm includes not only my own family but the friends of my family too.

I don't think I'm getting across the idea that I love all this.  Here's a really adorable and sweet thing that is happening to me....some of the little ones who don't really know me because they live far away, are calling their blankets their memaws....and they love their memaws.  Little Jacob in Minnesota talks to his blanket.  He told his mother the other day his memaw needed to be washed because it had tears on it.  Now how darned sweet is that?  And another little guy in Ohio won't go to bed without his memaw.  How did this ever get started and how much do I absolutely adore the whole thing!!  Wow!!

Anyway, back to the big blankets.  I finished one for Zachary with his name crocheted into it.  Now I've almost finished one very similar for Johnny.  I get so sick of the color. Zachy's was orange, ugh!!  Now Johnny's is green, even worse!!

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