Sunday, January 9, 2011

baby doll

I am so excited.  From one of the yahoo crochet groups, Maggie and MacTaggart told me where to find a pattern for a baby doll face.  So I bought this adorable pattern from Kathleen Early.   []  She makes the patterns and the dolls are exquisite.  I was warned that her instructions were a little unconventional.  Well, imagine this!!  I can actually read them and follow them!!  I can't believe it.  I sat up literally all night long last night making the body.  It is so cute.  I can't wait to get the baby done and put together.  The one I'm doing just for practice is out of #10 thread and is going to be about 6 or 7 inches long.  I am planning to make three of these babies [slightly larger] for my three great granddaughters for Christmas this year.....with  a full layette for each, of course.  And then I'll have to make a little boy doll for the great grandson, of course.  Oh, I'm going to have so much fun doing this I can't wait to get started.  Does anybody know where I can buy flesh colored #3 crochet thread?  The pattern calls for yarn and is then about 18 inches long but that is too big for my little girls who will be only 1, 2 and 3 by next Christmas..

February 4, 2011
Well, I finally found some yarn that will do. It is, however, so small that I'm using two threads together. By using a D hook I think I've found the size I wanted. First I couldn't wait to get the heads started. Ugh. Don't really like them at all. I'm sure it is my inability to follow a pattern, not the pattern itself as her pictures are so cute....mine not so cute. So I put them away for awhile.

Incidentally I'm making two of the dolls at the same time since they go to sisters. The little boy I'm going to try to make a little older and possibly a sailor boy since his grandfather was in the USN. And the fourth doll goes to a cousin so doesn't have to be exact.

So the other evening I made two right legs. They turned out just about right after adjusting the little feet and toes just slightly. I think that is why I can't follow a pattern....I think too much while I'm going along. Certainly don't know a cure for that. I'll try to get some photos in here ASAP. And yes, I am having waaay toooo much fun with this!


So I'm getting brave.  So many people asked me for the pattern for the cheerleader outfit that I'm trying to write out the instructions.  After laboring over the ordeal for hours, I realize I'm just as bad at writing instructions as I am at reading them.  But I tried.  If you look at any of them and especially if you try to do any of them, please, please, please let me know how I can make it more clear.  I know they are weird.....sorry.

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