Cheerleader costume

I’ve made these for Barbie and the Precious Moment doll I crochet.  The PM doll pattern is from Precious Moments Dolls to Crochet, Leisure Arts #3189.  [Precious Moments, Inc., copyright 2000.]  It is about 7 inches tall because I made it out of #10 crochet thread, not the yarn the pattern calls for.  There’s really no reason why this can’t be adjusted to whatever doll you want to crochet for.   I’ve made it in single crochet stitch, but I’ve made it in double crochet stitch, too.  That really doesn’t matter either if you don’t change in the middle of the pattern.

First measure your doll’s waist
I like to begin with a “ladder”
          Ch 6, dc in 1st ch = makes a little box
          Ch 4, dc in the little box you just made
                   If you keep on going like this, you will make a ladder.
                This  is easier for me to make it the right length than a using a simple chain.

Divide the ladder-waist-band into 6 parts.
Crochet 6 panels onto the ladder
          The panels are rectangular, the length you want the skirt
          The panels touch only at the waist…otherwise they are completely separate
          Just let them hang there.

Now crochet 6 triangles in the other color
          Ch 2, sc 3 in 1st ch = 3 stitches
          Row 2 – 2 sc in 1st, sc in 2nd, 2 sc in 3rd = 5 stitches
          Row 3 – 2 sc in 1st, sc in 3, 2 sc in last = 7 stitches
                    If you keep on going like this, you make a triangle
        Be sure to make these triangles the same number of rows as the panels on your ladder-waist-band.

Now sew the triangles between the hanging panels
Voila!!  You have a cheerleader skirt

Any shirt, blouse, dress etc. pattern will make the top part of the outfit.
Play around with the colors….that’s half the fun….
Good luck….these little guys are a hot item in my “what-I-want-Memaw-to-make-for-me list


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