The arms and legs can be as simple or complicated as you are brave!!
Begin everything with the good ole chain 2, 6 sc in first chain stitch, join
2 sc in each around = 12 stitches.
If this looks too big, then [2 sc, sc] around = 9 stitches

If you start at the hand part, you will have a neat little fist type of hand. 
You can improvise on this by shaping a cup of a hand

Also you can stitch tightly and form fingers
To do this just insert the needle through the center of the hand, circle it around and through the same way and pull this 3 or 4 times to make fingers.  This takes a little larger hand.

From the hand you may want to decrease for a row to make a wrist.
Then increase as you go along to shape the arm. 
Finally it makes a nice shoulder if you just finish off the arm by decreasing [see head instruction for decreasing] and pulling it tight at the end.  These arms can be glued on the body.


if you want movable arms, pull a heavy thread through the top of the arm, through the shoulders of the body and finally through the top of the other arm.  I like to put the thread back through the other way and tie firmly to give it a little more durability.

If you change color just above the elbow to the upper body color, you will have sleeves.

Now on to legs:

Much the same thing applies except that it is easier to start at the hip.  Shape the leg as you are brave enough to on down to the ankle. 

The foot can be shaped by sc all around once.
Then hdc 4 at the top of the foot
turn and 3 hdc on those 4
turn and sc around.
To make a nice foot you can sc around a couple of times or hdc around.

Then for the sole, double crochet every other sc around, fastening them all together in the center.
The sole of the foot may be soft if barefooted.

I just made another foot that is a little different and is better for barefooted like for babies.  After the foot is actually made, for the sole single crochet along the side, 2 tog around the toes and heel until you get it almost the size of the sole....number of rows to do this depends on how big the foot is in the beginning, of course.  I ended up with a few stitches which I simply whipped together.  It made a really good soft baby foot sole.

To make a shoe sole, I like to put a glob of glue on the bottom of the foot and wind a heavier thread in coils to cover the bottom.  This makes a sort of sneaker sole.  Looked terrific on my GI in fatigue boots.  Smaller gauge thread will make a neater, less cumbersome sole but is harder to manage.  This is tricky and messy but well worth the effort.  After you get it all wound around, you can shape the foot and sole a little to make it flat and the right width.

For long pants, of course continue with the body color you made the pants to the length you want the pants.
For bare legs, you will want the flesh color, changing color for stockings and shoes.

I think that making the legs a flesh color with stockings and shoes and then adding the tiny pair of shorts is the easiest.  Skirts can also be added this way.

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