The head is the simplest ball.

chain 2
Row 2: 6 sc in first chain, join
Row 3: 2 sc in each sc  = 12 stitches
Row 4: [2 sc in first sc, 1 sc next sc] around =  18 stitches
Row 5: [2 sc in first sc, 2 sc in next 2 sc] around = 24 stitches
Row 6: [2 sc in first sc, 3 sc in next 3 sc] around = 30 stitches.......ETC.

stop at any row or
continue in this pattern until your ball is half the size of the head you want.

sc around 3 or 4 rows.....depends on how large the head is

now reverse the process:
[sc 2 tog, 3 sc] around
[sc 2 tog, 2sc] around
[sc 2 tog, 2sc] around..........ETC.

There 2 ways to make the neck:

1.  stop the reverse process when you have 12 stitches
2. crochet once around
3. 2 sc in each to begin body


finish off the ball-head
1. attach thread where you want the neck
2. crochet 4 sc into a row on the head
3. crochet 2sc across 2 rows at a right angle
4. crochet 4sc into the next row going the other way
5. finish the circle with 2 sc across
6. 2 sc in each sc around [24 stitches]

This gives you  neck to form the body on.

I don't like to make faces so I usually let the original beginning of the ball be the face.

If you make about half the ball the color of the hair, it gives a good base when you're attaching the hair later.

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